I’ve seen your “Blue Lives Matter” posts. I’ve heard your argument that the police put themselves in the line of fire every day. I know that not every suspect is innocent. You’re still wrong.

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Things are tense. You haven’t been liking my BLM posts the way you’ve been liking the posts of my kids the last few years. Instead you’ve been sharing “Blue Lives Matter” memes, reposts of articles about cops being injured or killed during the protests and other content from which any mention of institutional racism is conspicuously absent. Here’s the reality: if a police officer dies in the line of duty, they will by and large be honored by the community. They’ll get a public procession and a 21 gun salute. The perpetrator will likely be prosecuted to the fullest extent…

Remote Learning is a relentless barrage of tasks for parents with inconsistent benefits to kids. Here’s what to do to make it easier and more effective.

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Whether parents are working from home, traveling to work or not working at all, keeping up with their children’s school is a daunting prospect that can exacerbate the difficulties families are already facing during this crisis. As of today, 37 states have announced that schools will remain closed for the duration of the 2019–20 school year due to the threat of COVID-19, with the remaining states likely to follow suit in the coming days — but six weeks into the closures, participation is flagging as families and teachers are suffering serious burnout from the demands of remote learning.

What can…

Teachers across America have spent countless hours designing thoughtful online instruction in the last three weeks. In low-income districts, it’s only reaching a fraction of our students.

Remote Learning. Distance learning. Online instruction. Whatever your district is calling school-away-from-school, it’s likely a combination of teacher-created materials, live or recorded instruction, and skill-building sites and apps students can use to complete assignments while parents and teachers track progress.

For many students however, there is no progress to track because they’re unable to do the work. And while the specific circumstances are many and varied, they all lead back to the inequality of educational access in low income communities. …

As we conclude the third week of quarantine, rumors and untruths are proliferating as quickly as the virus itself.

While we’re not all on the front lines of the global pandemic, COVID-19 has many of us feeling trapped, helpless and terrified. It’s also given rise to a perfect storm of extra downtime, questionable news reports and anxious vulnerability, turning social media — normally a minefield of false facts and misguided opinions as is it is — into a viral maelstrom of reposts. Some are harmless lists of fun digital experiences to keep kids entertained. There are are gym-free workout plans for the athletic, reading lists for the bookish and more recently, sewing patterns for face masks for personal use…

Alexandra Credendino

Teacher, essayist, poet, mom. Tender Realist.

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